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Active User:

A Vision Wills Member who logs in to the site at least once in three months is an Active User.


A Vision Wills Member who has been authorized to receive Dollars by another Member through Vision Wills Website Online Account. Without being beneficiary you can’t receive dollars from other Member.

Business Platform:

This is primary hub for all Vision Wills related activities. The business platform is a virtual console provided to Vision Wills Members from where they can manage all their business activities, communications and online transactions.

Carry Forward

Carry forward is pending payable sales. Members who have additional sales besides meeting their designated group volume get carried forward to the next day where these pending volumes are adjusted with the new volume thus making the Member entitled for his/her Step Reward Commission. So rest assures that your extra sale never goes wasted but it is carried forward to be adjusted in the next step.


Subjected to a Member’s Compensation Plan, commission is an amount that is earned by the Member once he/she meets his/her designated group volume.


A person who simply makes a purchase from Vision Wills without becoming a part of the network or the business itself. That will simply attain the status of “Customer”.

Direct Introduction Commission/Direct Rewards Bonus

It is a commission which is given to a Member on the purchases made by directly introduced Customers/Members by him/her. This may also be called as Bonus on Direct Sales which is given to the introducer on each direct entry other than routine earned commission.

Vision Dollar

This is Vision Wills Currency. It may be used in communication somewhere else. This is equal to US Dollar. But commonly it will be called as Dollar ($).

Flush Out

This is daily maximum earning cap over a Member. Calculation based on the Compensation Plan. A Member cannot earn more than a certain amount per day and the access income is flushed out. The maximum earning of a Member per day is called Flush Out.

Vision Bonus

Vision Bonus is a bonus awarded to newly sign up Members. If a Member manages to get a new Member directly under each side of his tree, he/she gets awarded Vision Bonus which is 20$ + 05$ + 05$ = 30$.

Locked User

Repeated attempts to access an account by giving incorrect password or security information gets a user in a locked state. A locked account can be unlocked by Admin.

My Wallet

All the financial transactions such as sending and receiving Dollars, earning commissions and bonuses are being performed under the My Wallet section of the Business Platform.


An electronic payment gateway, PayPal is a mode of online payment accepted worldwide for sending and receiving payments.


Vision Wills periodically launches promotions to motivate its Members. Promotions are time based events which compels the Members to achieve the specified mark(s) set by the Administration. The achievements are rewarded at the end of the promotion by the criteria of the fastest achievers, raffle draw or any other criteria set by the Administration. Different modes of Promotions are adopted at different times to motivate The Members.

Suspended User

Users who have no activity in their accounts for a period of three months or above get their accounts suspended. Further inactivity in a suspended account for a period of 3 months will get the account terminated and its contents will be irrecoverable.