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We recommend you to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) whether you’ve become a Member or just planning to be one. You will find all answers of your questions there.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are the questions of our Members asking to clarify their doubts because if they are working with doubts in their mind their performance will not be as good as if they are working with clear mind so this is the Dashboard to “Kill their Doubts and make themselves Clear in all respects”.

Q: What is Vision Bonus?

Ans: Vision Bonus is a bonus awarded to newly sign up Members. If a Member manages to get a new Member directly or indirectly under each side of his tree within one month of his sign up date, Vision Bonus will be awarded to him/her which is 20 dollars. If he/she introduces these new Members one on left and one on right side by himself/herself Direct Reward Bonus will also be paid which is 5 dollars on each entry. So 5$+5$ that Member will be paid 10$ on these first 2 entries and he/she will get 20$+10$= 30$ Vision Bonus as first commission.

Q: I signed up one Member on my left and one on my right side of the tree yet I still haven’t received my Vision Bonus. Why?

Ans: Make sure that you have signed up the new Members within the designated time frame of Vision Bonus. If you have signed up both Members and even one of them after the 30 days of your initial sign up, you will not be entitled to receive Vision Bonus.

Q: What is Step Reward Commission?

Ans: When in your tree there are 3 new entries on your left side and 3 new entries on your right side. Your Commission is considered to be due at the completion of this step. Company has no concern whether you make these new entries or anybody from your team. You will get the commission which is 30$. This is called Step Reward Commission.

Q: I have completed my group volume 3/3 within 30 days of signing up. So do I get Vision Bonus and my commission both?

Ans: If you complete your group volume 3/3 during your introductory period of 30 days, you will only get the Vision Bonus based on your plan type while the remaining volume will be carried forward to your unpaid sales which is 2/2. Once you have 1 new Member in each wing (left and right), your unpaid sales will be 3/3 and which entitles you to Step Reward Commission based on the type of Plan.

Q: Do I have to recruit a number of people as Vision Wills Members to be able to earn commission?

Ans: Certainly not. You have to introduce only 2 members in the beginning and then provide them training at Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center through Trainers and then these 2 will work with your and other seniors’ help. You along with those 2 will be successful. Our slogan is “Let’s fly together”. This is team work and seniors will help you to be successful.

Q: How do I make payments to Vision Wills?

Ans: You can make payments to Vision Wills by following ways;
i) Through Pay Pal,
ii) Through Payza,
iii) Through Bank Transfer,
iv) And through any Fast Cash Service (Easy Paisa, Mobi Cash & Western Union).

Q: How does Vision Wills pay the commission?

Ans: Vision Wills provides commission in the form of Dollars (which is Vision Wills Currency).

Q: How can I withdraw my earnings?

Ans: You can withdraw your earnings either through a telegraphic transfer to the bank of your choice (conditions apply), through PayPal or through PayZa.

Q: And does Vision Wills plan have some sort of hidden charges or payment modules?

Ans: Vision Wills plan is quite clear & straight forward. You purchase a product from the online store and get a choice to become a Member of Vision Wills without paying anything extra. There are no hidden charges at all.

Q: Are Vision Dollars transferable from one user to another?

Ans: Yes of course, these can be transferred between one Member and another. In order to transfer, the beneficiary must be a Vision Wills Member.

Q: Can I make money through other online businesses while working for Vision Wills?

Ans: It is strictly prohibited by Vision Wills, its active Members can’t take part in other online business while earning from Vision Wills at the same time. Members who are found guilty of being involved in other online business beside Vision Wills may be terminated without prior notice as per our terms and conditions.

Q: How can a Member get his terminated account reactivated if he is found guilty of working for other online business or due to involvement in any unethical practice?

Ans: That can only happen if the terminated Member’s team (down line + up line) files a consensual petition against the Member before the Vision Wills Management and willing to accept him again in his/her former place. On receiving such a request Vision Wills Management will consider to reinstate the terminated Member however all the earnings during terminated period will be confiscated by Management without any further negotiations.